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Things I believe: There are no coincidences. There are no accidents. Everything is symbolic. Everything is relative. We're all a little crazy. "The truth is out there." There *is* something greater than us, only it's probably not other than us; it's more likely deep inside us. "The universe is shaped exactly like the earth, if you go straight long enough you end up where you were." (There's a Modest Mouse quote for almost every situation.) "All you need is love." (And food, things you enjoy and, occasionally, medication) That which doesn't kill us doesn't kill us. Breathe. Anyway you can. As long as you can.



I'm no sure what the law is in your state but mine just reversed the helmet law and suddenly 75% of the bikers I see are organ donors in waiting or drooling TBI patients to be. I've also heard recently that someone is lobbying to have warning labels taken off products. I'd have to look that up to say more we're on the road and my signal is shite. And I'm tired so fuck that.

Seems like the government is trying to allow for natural selection to return to our population.

It'll save money for the welfare system I suppose. Tax cuts and organs for all!

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